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All the gold in the world.

It's not too much to ask for, is it?

Sure, there might be a few other scoundrels on the high seas with the same goal, but they've never had to deal with the likes of you. You're a crafty one.

Bury your coin to keep it safe while you scout foreign islands and plunder their treasures. Be wise though, all good pirates know the value of a booby trap. Only your cunning and deductive powers can help you safely chart a map to the riches.

Oh, and never forget he who all buccaneers fear most...

The deadly Krakken and its many arms wait to drag you and all that glitters to the depths of the ocean.

How To Play:

  • Players begin at one of four home islands
  • Each turn players may move their ship 15 paces
  • Each turn players may dig 3 holes on islands
  • Each turn players may bury 1 bomb on islands
  • If a Player digs up a bomb, their gold is scattered on the island
  • Bombed players will respawn at their home island
  • At the end of each turn, the Krakken will pursue the recent player
  • If the Krakken catches a boat, all that player's gold is lost to the world
  • Players respawn at their home islands
  • Wind powerups in the center of the map will double the base movement
  • Additional gold/bombs/wind restores can be found while digging
  • The total amount of gold in the world is displayed in the top left
  • The first player to hold all the gold in the world wins

Game Controls:

[NOTE: Please Hit F1 When Starting to Make Controls Match Those in the Screenshots. Trust us, it's for your own good!]

  • (Arrows) - Move Ship/Pirate
  • (Z) - Dig
  • (Up + Z ) - Bury Gold
  • (Down + Z) - Bury Bomb
  • (X) - Post Pirate Sign
  • (Up + X) Post Gold Sign
  • (Down + X) Post Bomb Sign
  • (C + C) - Display Carried Gold [Truth]
  • (C + Up) - Display Carried Gold + 1
  • (C + Down) - Display Carried Gold -1

Screen Controls:

  • F6 - Resize Window
  • F5 - Fullscreen Toggle

Additional Controls:

  • F1 - Controller/Keyboard/Audio Controls
  • F12 - Reset Game

Suggested Soundtrack:

Version Notes:

  • 6/15/2015 - Public Play Edition
    • Added confirmation requirement before leaving island
    • Fixed bug where pickups would not work on the final island square
    • Fixed bug where Krakken would get stuck in ports
    • Increased overall Krakken movement


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